Dear DMS Racer


Darren Boyle has run the DMS Model Car Club for over 20 years on his own. At the same time his day job as owner and managing director of DMS Racing Shop and XFactoryUK distribution has expanded. Darren is struggling to find the time to devote to the club so it can grow and prosper. Darren is still passionate about racing and wanted the club to survive so with that in mind, Darren has sold the assets of the club to a group of DMS racers whilst retaining a 1/5th share himself. The new owners of the club are John Renton, Gareth Cutting, Stephen Blake, Richard Miller and Darren Boyle.


These five people all have an equal share and any changes or new investments will be taken by a majority decision of these five individuals. As before under Darren's ownership,  the club will be run as a non profit organisation with the new owners subsidising  the club during quiet periods and when the club makes money it will be invested into new equipment to improve the club and attract new members.


We all want to make the club more successful and increase numbers. We will be looking at ways to do this immediately and over the forthcoming months. We will also be asking the members for your opinions and ideas. Please approach any of us at a race meeting, contact us via face book pm or by phone;  we are actively looking for input and suggestions.


You may have already noticed that we are trying to start race nights more promptly and get racing by 9pm. This is the first part of the process we have started. We will be launching the new era for the club with an Autumn Special race in September on a date to be confirmed with prizes and  trophies.


Thursday night racing is the core of this club and will continue as we transfer ownership with no pauses or breaks except for hall availability. As the club night will no longer be reliant on just one person, we will continue even when not everyone is not available as long as a couple of us are around we can continue.


We are also planning to run the Winter Saturday series again and priority entry will be given to the DMS Car Club members.


We all hope that this is a positive message to you all and that you will let us know your thoughts and especially if you have any concerns.


Many Thanks


Darren, Gareth, John, Richard and Stephen